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Star Wars Resistance Course Collection

We’re just over a week away from the premiere of Star Wars Resistance, and this morning we got an all-new sneak peek at what’s to come including high-flying adventure, heart-pumping action, the throwing and the falling, and a first look at appearances by some of our favorite characters and locations from The Force Awakens, including Captain Phasma and Starkiller Base.

Quick Drawing the Snubble Pistol

Moloch uses this double-barreled snub pistol to enforce Lady Proxima’s will among her scrumrats and any who might try to cross the White Worm matriarch.

Patrol Trooper Training

These specialist stormtroopers are the urban equivalent of scout troopers, wearing partial armor for greater mobility.

Firing the S-195 Blaster Pistol

As Dryden Vos’s lieutenant in Crimson Dawn, Qi’ra’s weapon of choice is a Monlitzer S-195 blaster pistol.

Operating Swoops for Repusor Lifting

Swoops are repulsorlift vehicles that are more powerful (and dangerous) than speeder bikes.

Understanding the Parts of Moloch's Staff

Moloch carries a curious scepter topped with a clublike head adorned with carvings of writhing scrumrats – an emblem of the Grindalid enforcer’s belief in an afterlife filled with riches.

Coordinating the Resistance Transport Stage from Start to Finish

The Resistance used outdated but reliable U-55 loadlifters – variously called Resistance transports, shuttles or lifeboats – for any number of tasks.

Driving and Delivering Packages in a Resistance Bomber

To crack heavily armored targets, the Resistance called upon two squadrons of MG-100 StarFortress bombers laden with powerful proton bombs.

Flying the Resistance X-Wing Above Water

The Incom T-70 X-wing is the latest incarnation of a classic design, and the signature combat craft of the Resistance’s Starfighter Corps.

Applying for First Order Stormtrooper Status

First Order stormtroopers assigned to frigid planets such as Starkiller Base wear specialized armor and gear that let them operate effectively in icy conditions.